Tips for Overhauling Indie Game Graphics on Limited Budget

Here’s an inside look and lessons from unexpectedly overhauling the artstyle of our indie game despite the limited time and budget.

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DevBlog #18: Branching Story Improvements!

Big plot changes are coming to make the story more interactive and branch-y. The intricate mystery just got, well… more intricate!

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Graphics Overhaul and New Screenshots

The look of our indie game is vastly improving, thanks to the new talented artist onboard! Check the new Screenshots!

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DevBlog #17: With 3D Artist and Writer Onboard!

I just hired two excellent guys to help polish the game and bring up the quality over the next few months! Also, new Gameplay tweaks.

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DevBlog #16: Interviews, Legalese and Gyroscopes

I’m finally done with reviewing portfolios and conducting interviews for modelers and writers! Trying to get back to implementing new features in the game.

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DevBlog #15: Artstyle, Unity 5 Woes, and Reviewing Job Apps

Post-GDC week felt like all I did was answer emails and review job applications. But I did get some time to toy with Unity5 and new shaders.

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How to Attend GDC: Lessons from a First-Time Goer

GDC Tips for First Time Goers

I just got back from the GDC and wanted to share several tips I learned for anyone thinking of going in the future.

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DevBlog #14: Alpha-Testing and Hard Lessons Learned

First round of Alpha Testing is making me really reevaluate my core design ideas and what the game is fundamentally about. Also, modeler interviews, gamepad support & GDC! Continue reading…

DevBlog #13: Moving Forward & Timeline for Coming Months

Brief summary of what’s been going on the past few months and where the development is headed! Continue reading…

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First Gameplay Trailer

The first Gameplay Trailer is up! Note it’s all ALPHA Footage and Art is not finalized.

Slavic-Steampunk RPG Adventure unraveling a plot onboard the world’s first Airship! Focus on Nonlinear Investigation, Exploration, Stealth and Dialogue.

Inspired as indie mish-mash of classics including Deus Ex, Arcanum, 30 Flights of Loving and Jazzpunk