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Karaski Open to Fan Translations! Localization Kit now Public!

Due to some last-minute financial expenses, I was not able to ship with various translations as I hoped :( With the sales going as they are, I still couldn’t hire a translator, but a few fans approached me with the offer of translating!

Download the full Karaski Localization Kit and Instructions!

If you get a translation done, please let me know and share on the Steam Forums!

The in-game texts are just simple text files while the conversation are graph trees that may be a bit more tricky, but hopefully I explained it well enough in the docs. Ping me if you have any questions!

Hope to see Karaski spread out to some new languages :) Sorry again I couldn’t afford to do it myself.

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Play Early, Sign up for the Beta!

Karaski is nearly complete and on track for February release! We want to squish as many bugs as possible in the last stretch, so why not help us out and play it early?

By signing up you will receive a Steam key for the game that will carry into full release :) Note you will be asked to fill out a Tester Questionnaire after completion.

Thank You, Comrade!

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Karaski on Steam Greenlight! Please Vote!

Comrade, Listen!

We just launched Steam Greenlight for our game and need your support! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a simple process to vote which games should be allowed to sell on Steam. Please help us out and cast your vote and tell your friends! Heck, throw it on your Facebooks or Twitter thingamajigs if you please :)

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Tips for Overhauling Indie Game Graphics on Limited Budget

Here’s an inside look and lessons from unexpectedly overhauling the artstyle of our indie game despite the limited time and budget.

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