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Patches and Margaret Thatcher plays Karaski?

Since our release I already submitted two small patches :) A little bug fix plus adjustments to the user interface – those on 4:3 monitors will find the game far more playable now :D

In other news, AlChestBreach made the most amusing Lets Play of Karaski yet, taking on the role of… Margaret Thatcher :O Atmospheric voice overs included! Check it out:

…and that is just part 1 of the adventures! Check out his channel for more :)

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German Let’s Play of Karaski!

If you’re German and would like to see a well-narrated and on-the-fly translated playthrough, check out Bruugar’s awesome video below!

Thanks to Bruugar for the coverage! I do not speak the language unfortunately, but running the page through Google Translate, it looks like the folks were quite intrigued :) Glad to hear there’s interest and hope we can bring a German translation after launch!

And if you’d like to help us get a head-start on raising translation funds, why not pre-order today and get a FREE key to our first game Postmortem: one must die! as well?

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