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Karaski OUT NOW for preorders! Get a Discount & Play TODAY!

I am happy to announce Karaski: What Goes Up… is now out for everyone who pre-orders before the official March release! You will also SAVE $2 off from our launch price!


Comrade, Listen! The Glorious Commonwealth’s first Airship has been sabotaged! Uncover what the passengers are hiding and write the grisly conclusion. Open-ended who-done-it mystery where others may suspect YOU if you’re not careful! Dziękujemy!

Each suspect has a secret and unique personality you can uncover in a nonlinear manner via dialogue, stealth, breaking into their rooms, or getting them drunk! Customize your playstyle with a number of tools but don’t get spotted snooping – others will call you out on it and start suspecting you as well. Who knows, maybe it really was you all along? Multiple endings and solutions can lead to different results.

Who is the saboteur? Who can be saved? Your actions and dialogue define the back story as well as future outcomes. You are the storyteller.

  • Open-ended, Engrossing Story
  • Multiple Endings
  • Complex Characters & Rich Dialogue
  • Social Stealth
  • Nonlinear Exploration
  • Multiple Approaches & Solutions
  • Various Tools to Fit Your Playstyle
  • … Gluten-Free!

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Karaski Steam Page is Live!

Woot Woot! After over 2 years of development, we’re up on Steam, coming out on Feb. 17! Let your friends know!

Karaski Buy on Steam Karaski Steam Page Up

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German Let’s Play of Karaski!

If you’re German and would like to see a well-narrated and on-the-fly translated playthrough, check out Bruugar’s awesome video below!

Thanks to Bruugar for the coverage! I do not speak the language unfortunately, but running the page through Google Translate, it looks like the folks were quite intrigued :) Glad to hear there’s interest and hope we can bring a German translation after launch!

And if you’d like to help us get a head-start on raising translation funds, why not pre-order today and get a FREE key to our first game Postmortem: one must die! as well?

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Pre-order Karaski, Play our previous game now!

Comrades! Our game is releasing this February so we began the Pre-Orders! If you support us now, we will send you a free Steam Key for our previous game Postmortem: one must die as a little Thank You! And if we can start pooling some good cash quickly, we might be able to get started on Translations a bit earlier :)

What is Postmortem?

Postmortem: one must die indie game

Indie game playing an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn Nation!

  • Freeform exploration with Rich dialogue
  • Meaningful choices and Unintended Consequences
  • Cast of ambitious and influential characters
  • Complex setting of violent domestic conflict and industrial revolution
  • Dynamic and surprising Endings
  • Online Stats to compare Your Choices with

As always, Thank You for your consideration and supporting your fellow indie devs! It’s been a long time coming, but the ship will fly soon!

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