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“Most Promising Plot” Award from Without the Sarcasm & Karaski intrigues High-Def Digest!

High-Def Digest

During PAX South 2016, Brian Hoss from High-Def Digest was one one the journalists who got sucked into Karaski! He just put up his warm impressions up so go check them out! Here’s a few hilights:

‘Karaski: What Goes Up…’ intrigues me, and after playing, I came away quite charmed.

For anyone wants to spend some hours getting deep into a narrative, ‘Karaski: What Goes Up…’ seems perfect.

Thanks Brian!

Additionally, we got awarded the Editor Choice “Most Promising Plot” Award from Without the Sarcasm! Thanks guys, we hope to deliver on the promise on February 17! :)

PAX Award Most Promising Plot Karaski: What Goes Up
Without the Sarcasm

If you are intrigued, don’t forget we are Releasing on Steam on February 17 and you can Pre-Order NOW! Or heck, just follow our Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the news!


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Karaski Gets a Glowing First Preview from JustAdventure.com!


Karla Munger from JustAdventure.com has taken the time to preview our indie game and was left “quite impressed” after 3 (!) full playthroughs! Check out the full article; here are some highlight:

I did three full playthroughs of the preview build and each was surprisingly different. The narrative’s many variables, which can also impact the length of the game, give Karaski tremendous replay value.

You’re told that you’ll control the story and that your actions and choices will shape the past, present and future.

I wondered if it would be possible to weave this kind of narrative in a believable way. Well, I’m happy to report that Unbound Creations has done a masterful job of pulling it off.

… I predict that the final version of Karaski: What Goes Up… will be a wonderfully entertaining game that I won’t hesitate to recommend … Way to go, Unbound Creations!

Thanks Karla!

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We are a Finalist at Polish Indie Game Festival Pixel Heaven!

Great News Everyone! Karaski is one of 15 finalists of the Polish Pixel Heaven indie game festival and competition :D

Pixel Heaven Indie Game Festival and Competition Finalists

The festival takes place between September 25-27 so the news will come soon! Some really great titles on the list so we will see how it goes, but merely being among them feels like a great honor :)

Any of our Polish followers going to the Festival?

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First Press Coverage of Karaski Indie Game!

Karaski Banner header

Our Indie Game is starting to gain some Exposure from YouTube Let’s Players and the Gaming Press!

Tom Schaffer from German website Rebell.at has shared a short preview and trailer of our upcoming game! While the article is in German, he stressed the story-driven similarity to our first game “Postmortem: one must die” with addition of far more involved gameplay and scope! Check it out!

Furthermore, ZeeWhiteWolf did a brief Let’s Play of the beginning sections of our game, stressing how charming and intriguing it is, and how obtaining the various “tools” really changes how the game plays :) Watch some hilarious running from guards and hiding in lockers below!

Thanks to Both for covering our game! We will keep you posted with new videos and coverage!

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