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Interview for SpidersWeb.pl about Karaski: Inspirations, Steam Greenlight, Piracy & the Future

I just had the pleasure to chat with Piotr Grabiec about Karaski, the development process, Steam Greenlight, piracy, and what the future holds! You can Read the full interview Here but it is in Polish! Here are a few hilights, translated by yours truly :)

Miałem Przyjemność porozmawiać z Piotrem Grabieckim o Karaski, produkcji, Steam Greenlight, piractwie, oraz o tym co czeka w przyszłości. Przeczytaj cały artykuł tutaj! Poniżej kilka najlepszych kawałków.

Miałem uruchomić grę tylko na godzinę, ale nim się obejrzałem, za oknem świtało – a ja dotarłem do zakończenia przygody na “pierwszym sterowcu świata”.
I was supposed to play only for an hour, but before I realized it, morning light was coming from my window – and I reached the end of my adventure on the "world's first airship."

Jedną z większych inspiracji gry był Thief(jeśli chodzi o immersję i skradanie się), gdzie główny nikczemnik nazywa się Karras. Projekt więc zacząłem pod takim kryptonimem. W końcu zdecydowałem się na podobną nazwę, dodałem tylko końcówkę “ski”, by brzmiało bardziej słowiańsko i pasowało do świata gry. Lubię odnotowywać moje inspiracje i większość nazw postaci lub miejsc do czegoś się odwołuje.
One of the bigger inspirations has been Thief (regarding immersion and sneaking) where the main villain is called Karras. I started the project under that codename. In the end I decided to keep it and add "ski" to make it sound more Slavic and fit the game world better. I like to give a nod to my inspirations; most names of people and places are references to something.

Oficjalnie ogłosiłem że nad czymś pracuję i pokazałem pierwsze screenshoty w styczniu 2014 roku, więc od tego czasu minęło już ponad dwa lata!
I officially announced I was working on something and showed first screenshots in January 2014, so it's been over two years!

…były takie miesiące, że gdyby wszystkie godziny zsumować, to ponad połowa typowego 8-godzinnego dnia poświęcona była na Karaski.
… there were months where over half of a typical 8-hour workday was dedicated to Karaski.

Dostałem kilka bardzo miłych e-maili od fanów, które przypominają mi, czemu właściwie poświęcam tyle czasu na moje gry – ale była to, mimo wszystko, bardzo mała grupka i, niestety, ekspozycja to nadal bardzo duży problem.
I received several touching emails from fans reminding me why I dedicate so much time to my games – but it was a small group and, unfortunately, exposition is still a big problem.

Wydaje mi się, że lepiej by było podbudować markę i stworzyć większą grupkę fanów przez mniejsze produkcje, zanim się zainwestuje dwa lata w coś tak wymagającego.
I think it would have been better to build up my reputation and foster a bigger fan following via smaller games before investing two years in something so demanding.

Chcę teraz trochę poeksperymentować i się poduczyć, trochę podbudować zainteresowanie, i może dorobić. Tak jak nazwa mojego studia sugeruje – horyzont jest nieograniczony!
Now I want to experiment and learn a little, build up some interest, and raise extra funds. As my studio's name implies – the horizon is Unbound.

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Karaski is Out on STEAM!

After over two years, the Airship has finally Taken off! May I personally invite you to uncover the open-ended who-dun-it mystery onboard the world’s first airship?

Do be careful in your investigation, however, lest you wish the passengers suspect YOU…

…or maybe it was you all along? There is no single answer; this is Your Story to tell!

Head Over to the Steam Page >

Please Help Us Out by SHARING on Facebook, MENTIONING on Twitter, POSTING on your Forums and LINKING on Reddits!

Karaski Box Cover

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Karaski OUT NOW for preorders! Get a Discount & Play TODAY!

I am happy to announce Karaski: What Goes Up… is now out for everyone who pre-orders before the official March release! You will also SAVE $2 off from our launch price!


Comrade, Listen! The Glorious Commonwealth’s first Airship has been sabotaged! Uncover what the passengers are hiding and write the grisly conclusion. Open-ended who-done-it mystery where others may suspect YOU if you’re not careful! Dziękujemy!

Each suspect has a secret and unique personality you can uncover in a nonlinear manner via dialogue, stealth, breaking into their rooms, or getting them drunk! Customize your playstyle with a number of tools but don’t get spotted snooping – others will call you out on it and start suspecting you as well. Who knows, maybe it really was you all along? Multiple endings and solutions can lead to different results.

Who is the saboteur? Who can be saved? Your actions and dialogue define the back story as well as future outcomes. You are the storyteller.

  • Open-ended, Engrossing Story
  • Multiple Endings
  • Complex Characters & Rich Dialogue
  • Social Stealth
  • Nonlinear Exploration
  • Multiple Approaches & Solutions
  • Various Tools to Fit Your Playstyle
  • … Gluten-Free!

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New Publisher and a Small 2-week Delay!

I’m proud to announce Karaski will fly across a vast number of outlets with the help of Plug In Digital! We are pushing release till March 2nd to give them more prep time, but those who pre-ordered still get to play early :)

Plug in Digital

I’m happy to join the Plug In family and become a part of their divers catalogue! Many interesting and quirky Indies are already there, so we hope we’ll fit right at home.

I’d also like to personally apologize to anyone who was counting the days to release and is disappointed by the delay (yea like you exist ;p). The signing happened just a few days ago and I thought it was only fair to give Plug In a bit more time. But as I mentioned, you can still pre-order directly and play next week as originally promised :)

Thank You for Your understanding!

– Jakub, Lead Dev

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Karaski Steam Page is Live!

Woot Woot! After over 2 years of development, we’re up on Steam, coming out on Feb. 17! Let your friends know!

Karaski Buy on Steam Karaski Steam Page Up

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Pre-order Karaski, Play our previous game now!

Comrades! Our game is releasing this February so we began the Pre-Orders! If you support us now, we will send you a free Steam Key for our previous game Postmortem: one must die as a little Thank You! And if we can start pooling some good cash quickly, we might be able to get started on Translations a bit earlier :)

What is Postmortem?

Postmortem: one must die indie game

Indie game playing an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn Nation!

  • Freeform exploration with Rich dialogue
  • Meaningful choices and Unintended Consequences
  • Cast of ambitious and influential characters
  • Complex setting of violent domestic conflict and industrial revolution
  • Dynamic and surprising Endings
  • Online Stats to compare Your Choices with

As always, Thank You for your consideration and supporting your fellow indie devs! It’s been a long time coming, but the ship will fly soon!

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Play Early, Sign up for the Beta!

Karaski is nearly complete and on track for February release! We want to squish as many bugs as possible in the last stretch, so why not help us out and play it early?

By signing up you will receive a Steam key for the game that will carry into full release :) Note you will be asked to fill out a Tester Questionnaire after completion.

Thank You, Comrade!

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We’ve been Steam Greenlit!

Karaski Steam Greenlit 600px

Just 11 days after launch, we’re through! Couldn’t have done it without you :) So a big THANK YOU!!! is in order!

Like us on Faceboor and Follow on Twitter to stay up to date on all news and release plans!

Can I have a big YAY :) ??

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Karaski on Steam Greenlight! Please Vote!

Comrade, Listen!

We just launched Steam Greenlight for our game and need your support! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a simple process to vote which games should be allowed to sell on Steam. Please help us out and cast your vote and tell your friends! Heck, throw it on your Facebooks or Twitter thingamajigs if you please :)

steam-greenlight be-good-vote-yes

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Game Achievements! Give Us Suggestions!

Like most modern indie games, we are adding some cool achievements and YOUR input is welcome :)

Continue reading…

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