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Patches and Margaret Thatcher plays Karaski?

Since our release I already submitted two small patches :) A little bug fix plus adjustments to the user interface – those on 4:3 monitors will find the game far more playable now :D

In other news, AlChestBreach made the most amusing Lets Play of Karaski yet, taking on the role of… Margaret Thatcher :O Atmospheric voice overs included! Check it out:

…and that is just part 1 of the adventures! Check out his channel for more :)

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German Let’s Play of Karaski!

If you’re German and would like to see a well-narrated and on-the-fly translated playthrough, check out Bruugar’s awesome video below!

Thanks to Bruugar for the coverage! I do not speak the language unfortunately, but running the page through Google Translate, it looks like the folks were quite intrigued :) Glad to hear there’s interest and hope we can bring a German translation after launch!

And if you’d like to help us get a head-start on raising translation funds, why not pre-order today and get a FREE key to our first game Postmortem: one must die! as well?

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Karaski 4 Minute Gameplay Video: Breaking in & Social Stealth!

Comrades! We are happy to share four glorious minutes of gameplay in the latest video below! It showcases multiple approaches using various tools, breaking into rooms, and social stealth. Please enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments!

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First Press Coverage of Karaski Indie Game!

Karaski Banner header

Our Indie Game is starting to gain some Exposure from YouTube Let’s Players and the Gaming Press!

Tom Schaffer from German website Rebell.at has shared a short preview and trailer of our upcoming game! While the article is in German, he stressed the story-driven similarity to our first game “Postmortem: one must die” with addition of far more involved gameplay and scope! Check it out!

Furthermore, ZeeWhiteWolf did a brief Let’s Play of the beginning sections of our game, stressing how charming and intriguing it is, and how obtaining the various “tools” really changes how the game plays :) Watch some hilarious running from guards and hiding in lockers below!

Thanks to Both for covering our game! We will keep you posted with new videos and coverage!

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