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Traveling to Poland, Roots of Karaski Inspiration & More!

Hey Folks! Sorry I have been a little MIA lately. After Karaski released and the work died down, I needed a break, and it was time to move from Los Angeles. I thus shed material excess and on April Fools became prudently homeless, taking off for the other continent. First stop: Poland, my homecountry!

I decided to write about my experiences, as those invariably shape my game design ideas.

Here was Part 1 about the dreadful flight and unlikely airport companion! >

…and Part 2 where I spoil myself with traditional Polish breakfast feast, grain-coffee and drinkable honey alcohol

More of my recollections coming, some quite quirky, others rather sombering!

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My Trip to Poland for Pixel Heaven Indie Game Festival

After 3 years I returned to my homeland! I exhibited Karaski at Pixel Heaven where it was a finalist, spent time with my grandparents, and drank one too many polish brews!

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